Discover KDS Lavu

How it works

Simply connect the iPad device (with the KDS Lavu app installed) on to your local network, then configure your Point of Sale to deliver your kitchen tickets to the 'KDS Lavu' printer and say goodbye to messy printer paper! Take a look at our detailed setup video to get an idea of how our KDS fits into the equation.


Tired of dealing with those costly kitchen impact printers? Take control of your kitchen, bar or barista operations with KDS Lavu!

  • Late order notifications
  • Rich Apple iOS capabilities
  • Closed order tracking
  • Real time communication
  • Local network based system (No internet connection needed)


KDS Lavu's stylish iOS touch screen display makes your process simple and efficient. KDS Lavu can be extended to display on wireless TV monitors should that fulfill your needs.

Point of Sale

KDS Lavu works seamlessly with POS Lavu (v.1.7+), our revolutionary Point of Sale system that takes full advantage of the powerful technology built into Apple's iPad/iPod Touch, and iPhone. Our Kitchen Display System connects directly with POSLavu via high-speed 802.11x WiFi!

Add some style to your kitchen or bar today by downloading KDS Lavu!

One time cost of $99 in the App Store.

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